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PM Professional & Essentials

Power Music Professional and Essentials are our paid-for and free versions of Power Music for Windows PCs.

PM Mac

Power Music Mac is our version of Power Music for use on macOS. Power Music Mac is paid software which has a free trial mode, allowing you to add up to 10 songs, and download unlimited songs purchased from Power Music Store.

PM App & Reader

Power Music App is our paid version of Power Music for iPad. Power Music Reader is our free app for iPad and iPhone which allows you to download and display songs using Power Music Box.

PM Box

Power Music Box is our cloud storage system which allows you to transfer songs and playlists between all versions of Power Music. Also use this category for any posts about Power Music Store, our online store for buying music for use in Power Music.

Hardware & Accessories

Cambron Software offer a range of hardware for use with Power Music, including our MusicOne scanner, Bluetooth foot pedals, and monitor and laptop stands. Post here if you have any questions or problems with any hardware we sell.


MusicOne is our range of all-in-one digital music stands powered by Power Music.

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