A Few questions...

(Steve Stringer) #1

Hello! I have been using PM on my Sony Tap 20 without the use of a mouse or keyboard. I am running into problems pressing buttons (especially loading playlists) because the buttons are so small. I know that you guys have said that you aren’t interested in developing a Windows 8 metro app, but would it be hard to increase the size of the buttons? There seems to be a lot of space available on the toolbar… just a thought.

I also have been struggling with dealing with pieces of music that are multi-movement works. For example, let’s say I’m playing the Bach Saint John Passion. This score is over 300 pages, so I can’t just add it as one song, but if I cut it up into movements, I’ll have to deal with a 40 movement work cluttering up my library. Is there a way to use bookmarks? Sort of like acrobat does? The only other way I can think about it is to delete my whole database and only have that one piece on it, and doesn’t seem like a good option because you can’t easily change databases.

Any updates planned? I’m sorry that I am a pain! I love your product, it is the only piece of software that comes close to satisfying every live performer’s needs! Thank you for your hard work and for reading!!


(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Steve
We do indeed have plans for classical musicians such as yourself. We intend to have page jumps and rehearsal points so that you can jump straight to a page without going through the whole piece.
We will also look at the design of buttons since more and more touch screens are becoming available.
We cannot give an exact date for this as it is still under development but we will keep you informed.

(Colin Cameron) #3


Instead of changing databases, you can split your collection of songs in Power Music into Libraries. This means you don’t need to see all your songs cluttering up the “All Songs” list. This video explains how to use libraries: http://cambronsoftware.co.uk/libraries.html

(Steve Stringer) #4

Thanks for the suggestion Colin, but I have MANY libraries. I use the library feature to sort genres of music (ex. Classical, Pop, Church, etc.). My problem manly lies in the fact that you can’t group pieces together without making them a library. Think of it like you are looking at your iTunes database. Now take away the “Artist” and “Album” columns, you’d see that your music collection would become unsorted and hard to navigate. Does that make sense?

If I were performing a work by Handel that had 20+ movements or sections, I couldn’t just keep that in my Classical library, because I would have to sort through the entire library, sifting through other pieces (some of which would also be multi-movement pieces)… It would be like finding needles in a haystack.

I appreciate the suggestion though! If you think of anything else, PLEASE keep it coming!