Additional Tag Section Idea

(David Wood) #1

I would like to add another addition to the ‘Tag’ section.

As quite a few users of Power Music may well be musicians involved in playing hymns and songs from various hymn book sources, one of the common sections to have is that of a ‘Meter’ listing; e.g. CM, LM, SM, Irregular etc., so I wonder if this could be considered as a ‘Tag’ Section - this would enable songs from books like Hymns & Psalms to be quickly looked up as an alternative tune, if the original tune is less well known.
The ‘Meter’ section could then be ‘filtered’ to provide a useful list of alternative tunes - ‘on-the-fly’.
Hope you can consider this for a future update.

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Dave
Thanks for the suggestion - you could add these as separate categories meanwhile and assign the most used ones to your existing songs.