Air turn pedals

(Phil J) #1

Any idea if the airturn pedals work with power music?

(Power Music Guru) #2

We haven’t tried these, but Power Music accepts the keystroke equivalents of PageUp/PageDown and the arrow keys. So if these pedals send these keystrokes then they will work.
We are looking into bluetooth pedals at the moment but can’t see any yet that look as robust and simple as the Footime ones which we supply. We have contacted our US suppliers to see if they have plans to manufacture a bluetooth version.

(Phil Li) #3

Hi there,
Good question!
As the Footime page turner designer, we have redesigned our page turner, which now can work with all computers (PC, Mac and iPad). In addition to Page Down/Up key signals, we just added Arrow Dn/Up key signals. So they new page turner is truly universal! (Please visit for more details)
Although we are aware of the benefits of wireless or bluetooth, we still keep the wire for the following reasons:

  • USB plug works with all computers (as mentioned above)
  • Cheaper (Who wants to pay more in this economy?)
  • simple (means reliable)
  • No need to charge it (no power loss during playing)
  • Compact (no need to work with other switches, no receiver is needed to plug into computers)
    AirTurn may only have the benefit of no wire, but it misses many of the above practical stuffs.
    We try to keep our mind open and may add wireless or bluetooth versions if the demand is high enough. For now, we believe most people (with multiple computers) are happy with our solutions.
    Thank you for the discussion!

(Phil J) #4

I agree with all the points you say, simple is always the preferred way.

My thinking with the wireless ones was that that would sit in my pedalboard and require less setup and allow for more flexible locating.
A simple wireless pedal optionally powered by a standard pedalboard psu would be a nice option though.

Maybe the future is even to build a mico-pc into the pedals and just have the monitor lead coming out with a couple of usbs to plug a keyboard in, now that would be nice!

(Gordon Cameron) #5

Just to throw something else into this discussion. I bought a Belkin Wireless USB hub recently to try out a wireless solution. These is “supposed” to allow up to 4 USB devices to attached wirelessly to a PC. However it only worked at a range of about 2 meters! Note much use for stage work!! and if you moved out of range it just lost the connection!! At least Bluetooth has a range of much more than 10m. I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse which is very reliable at distances of 20m+

(Phil J) #6

Used air turn pedals for real for the first time last night, they worked well.
There are a few downsides:
They are ‘soft touch’ pedals, with the footime pedals you can rest your foot on the button and press it when your ready and know youve pressed it, you dont get the same with the air turn ones (using the standard pedals) as when you press the pedal its pretty soft.
They use power, needs to remember to charge them (to the point that it says if the battery goes completely flat you may have to return them to the factory to get them to work again, not great given its in america!

Positives are speed of setup, take them out your bag, press the power button, put them on the floor.
Less cable clutter.
They also work wirelessly with the ipad, might be good for the future.

(Brenda Cameron) #7

You can get the Air Turn pedals in the UK from our Power Music resellers at

(Bernard Perry) #8

As resellers of the AirTurn products and Power Music, we are demonstrating both options to potential customers. It is certainly a personal preference for each musician and of course their choice not ours!

Our response to the comments above, are as follows:

The various AirTurn products work with all computers either via built-in Blue Tooth, a Blue Tooth dongle or USB Dongle. The Blue Tooth version also works with the iPad

Once charged the unit lasts up to 100 hours and has warning lights when the level of charge is low.

The main benefit is having no wires which is both practically and aesthetically good, particularly with e.g. a grand piano.

AirTurn’s own foot switches are specifically manufactured to be silent which is another plus but the unit can also be used with compatible foot switches such as the Boss FS-5U

Full details on the AirTurn products are on

We woud be happy to respond to any further questions, on this forum.

Bernard Perry
SightRead Limited