AirTurn Foot switch charger?

(Geoff Stilwell) #1

I just received the two AirTurn BT200|S-2 bluetooth foot switches. I was surprised there was no charger for the device included. I assume there is a USB lead that will do the trick. Where can I get this from?

I am also struggling to connect the footswitch to my laptop. I am using Windows 10.

I have bought a Bluetooth Dongle and installed it successfully. I have paired it with the BT200S-2 v2.1.0 1571 and the Bluetooth and other devices screen says it is connected.

The blue light on the AirTurn is either flashing or flashes briefly when a switch is pressed but nothing happens on the laptop.

I would appreciate some help.

Geoff Stilwell

(Gordon Cameron) #2

Hi Geoff
The USB charging cable is in the box.
You can just plug the USB end into your PC or use a USB phone charger to charge the pedals.
The barrel connector goes into the pedal.
You can also use a 9V guitar pedal power supply for a charger.
You can download the user guide for the pedal from the AirTurn site.
If you are still having issues could you raise a ticket at [email protected]

(Geoff Stilwell) #3

Hi Gordon,

As I said in the first message, I bought two foot switches. One was for me and the other for the keyboard player at church. We opened the 2nd box this morning and I found a lead and I realised that the first box should have contained a lead but didn’t.

I did eventually, with the help of the downloaded manual, get the foot switch working late last night so I was panicking needlessly. They both worked successfully at church today. Thank you.

However, we are still one charger lead short. I left the one we have with my colleague. I don’t have anything that resembles the charger lead. I know it won’t need charging for a while yet but eventually… Sorry to be a pain!

Geoff Stilwell