Altered Chords Don't Save in Chord List

(John Hamilton) #1

When creating a lead sheet in PM Pro I always (without exception) need to enter custom chords. They may be leading chords that are outside the key of the default key selected or specific slash chords. After completing the layout to my satisfaction I save the file and, upon opening it again to make edits (don’t we always make edits!!) all of the “custom” chords I have created are gone from the chord list. They are, thankfully, still in the lead sheet. Why aren’t these chords saved in the list as part of the song file? Am I missing something? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi John
This list was created as a suggested list of chords for the key to make it easy to quickly select a chord. It is recreated every time but does not examine your text to find the chords you have previously used. (This will be done in a new version.)
You can type the chords you want directly into the text, or copy and paste existing custom chords. Or, if you use the chord creator it will add your custom chords for that session.
I hope that helps.

(John Hamilton) #3

Thanks Brenda!

Is there any time frame to correct this glaring oversight?
The omission of this feature significantly increases the time it takes to edit lead sheets.

(Brenda Cameron) #4

Hi John
We are currently creating a brand new version of Power Music for Windows, so it is not simply a minor update. This is a major project so at the moment we cannot give a time frame. There will be a lot of new features so watch this space! Make sure you are on our newsletter list so that you will be informed of updates.