Annotation color (colour, if you prefer)

I am a classical musician and use Power Music Professional primarily for storing and displaying scores for live performance. I use annotations heavily when I practice and feel like I have a fairly good grasp of how they work. The greatest majority of my annotations are finger numbers, which I like to have in blue.

Today, I added some measure numbers, which I chose to make in light gray (grey). After that, all my finger numbers were light gray as well. I tried to select a finger number and change the color, which is the procedure I would normally use, but the program would not let me choose it. All other annotations continued to work normally. I could choose them, and change colors at will.

Perhaps, if I exited the program and opened it again it would work correctly again. I will try that, but still, this is a bit annoying and doesn’t seem right.

Oh my! It looks like I don’t have as good of a grasp on annotations as I thought. I just found the section at the bottom of the quick drop menu that allows color and size changes. That solved my problem.

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