Another idea for text colors

(Ken Granger) #1

Fairly new to the software but am sold completely! Thanks for a great product. I’d like to suggest/request the option of having three different ‘text types’ that could be assigned colors in the chord charts: Lyrics, chords, and, for lack of a better term, notes. I like the Red chords and Black lyrics but the option to have text like ‘1st x guitars only, 2x full band in’ appear in, say, Blue or some other color of choice would be really helpful.

I realize too many colors can get crazy but three would be really helpful for me.

One other thought: in your list of special characters, could you add the ‘-’ or the ‘*’(minus sign/asterisk)? Since a chord like C over E uses the ‘/’ it is sometimes confusing to use the ‘/’ to indicate beats, especially when I’m trying to indicate chord changes off the beat such as |C /Am / / |. I’d like to be able to use notate this as |C -Am - - | or |C *Am * * |. Just something to think about.

Thanks again for a great product; glad I found it. Keep up the good work!

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi kennyg
Glad you love the software - we do too!
A third colour has been suggested by a few people and is something we are considering.
That’s a good suggestion to allow ‘-’ or ‘’ in the chord editor. In fact, allowing the addition of your own allowable characters into a dictionary would be a good feature for the future, but meanwhile we can add in ‘-’ and '’.
Thanks for your feedback.

(Ken Granger) #3

Just as a matter of information since I’ve not been using the program long enough for an update to be relevent, how does that work? Do you post something in here, does it come down automatically, or?

Thanks again for a great application. I wish I’d found it a long time ago!

(Power Music Guru) #4

When there is an update you will be prompted to install it if you are connected to the internet when you run Power Music.
Details of updates will be posted here. We normally send a message to all members of this forum and also send a newsletter. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters (you can do this on our main website) to receive news of developments.

(chris boot) #5

I have recently bought the software and think it is great,once you solve the line length problem.Concerning this issue,I would like to use a different colour for all chorus lyrics,so that they can easily picked out on the screen.In order to fit some longer songs into the split page format I have had to just put “chorus” for repeat choruses,and it would be much easier to spot the chorus lyrics if they were a different colour.Three font colours would sit me, and I cannot see a need for more.
I think your software support is great.
keep up the good work.

(Ken Granger) #6

Just purchased version 4 recently and I LOVE the annotations. I noticed the addition of the 'special characters referred to in this thread didn’t make it into to the version. Any thoughts on when that might happen? I also posted at some point the possibility of adding NC or N.C. as a recognizable ‘chord’, any thoughts on that?

Keep up the great work! Love the product.

(Power Music Guru) #7

Now that we have PM4, updates will be posted here. There has been an update today - V.

Apologies to kennyg, your suggestion of special characters has been overlooked due to concentrating on the new features of PM4. This will be corrected in the next update. We will add “-” and “*” to allowable chord characters. For N.C - this can be added in parenthesis: (N.C.) and it will be accepted in a chord line.

Thank you, bluesman, for your comments on colours for choruses. We hoped that this was addressed with annotations - you can easily ‘highlight’ a chorus which will make it stand out more than a different text colour?
We have used this for highlighting intros and it has been a huge benefit because your eye is immediately drawn to the highlighted area.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.

(Ken Granger) #8

Thanks, pm…no problem and no apologies necessary! The new features are great even though I’ve not used them all yet. And yes, bluesman, the annotations help immensely…what pmGuru mentioned is exactly what I’m doing: highlighting the chorus with a rectangle…works great.

(Power Music Guru) #9

When annotating chord sheets it is important to remember that any change to the text or paging will knock the annotation out of position because chord sheets are text and annotations are images. This is easily fixed in full screen by moving the annotations.

(Power Music Guru) #10

Hi Kennyg
You can now use “*” and “-” in a chord line:

(Ken Granger) #11

You guys are the best. Thanks!

(Nathan Elstub) #12

Seeing as there’s a full colour section right here I thought I’d use this as a spot for a suggestion rather than starting a new thread.

The colours on screen are very helpful. However, I’m one of those users who unfortunately has to print chord charts out for my other band mates who are not yet screen equipped (I’m working on it!)

When I do a print of the chord charts from the playlist (thanks for that functionality) it all comes out in Black & White. Is there a way for the output generated from the system to be in the same colours as the screen?



(Brenda Cameron) #13

Hi Nathan
You can change the display and the print colours in Tools > Settings. This means you can have different colours for printing.