Audio file links and Power Music Box


I’ve started using audio file links in PMP on a tablet, and wondered what happens when a song is uploaded to Power Music Box? Does the whole audio file get uploaded too, just the link, or nothing?
If it’s just the link, then I was meaning to use OneDrive to sync the actual audio files between pc’s and tablet. Then if I get the links right it should work on all my devices.
Thanks in anticipation.

Jim McLaren

Hi Jim
Yes the link is transferred when using Power Music Box - not the audio file (for copyright reasons).
The path would have to be exactly the same on a different PC for Power Music to find the audio file.
I think you need to experiment to find the best place to store the audio file.

Hi Gordon,
That’s perfect, thanks. I’ll experiment and see how I get on. Will report back in due course.

Jim McLaren