Audio files

(Phil J) #1

For the first time I decided I should add some audio files to some of the songs in my database so when we practice we can listen to bits if we need to.
However, I use two machines, one desktop for setup and a laptop for live. To keep these in sync I use dropbox.
However, the dropbox is in a different place on each machine. This is fine for the database as the location information is held within the program but for MP3 files it seems each song can choose a different location for the audio which means it needs to be in exactly the same place on every machine.
Is there any way you could allow for songs to be imported to (or placed in) a folder within the PM3Data folder if a user so wished? I appreciate this might not be useful for everyone as it would result in duplicate audio files but it would be useful for multi machine setups.


(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Phil
This is something we spent a lot of thought on during the development of Power Music and it was decided that the audio should remain as a pointer to the path rather than making a copy. Apart from the possible size increase of imports and exports, the main reason was copyright issues. In most cases it is not legal to make copies of audio files therefore we could not justify doing it within the program. It has therefore been left to the user to manually place the audio files to a folder if copying is required.
You should, of course, adhere to the copyright rules of the copyright owners.

(Phil J) #3

Im not sure there would be any more copyright issues with creating one more copy. I would imagine most people already have multiple copies their files anyway, with it being on a computer, mp3 player, phone, backup etc…
In strict terms its possible that many of these audio files are illegal anyway given the legality of ripping cds.

I guess if its a considered decision then its probably a fixed one, so i’ll have to have think on a workaround.

thanks for the response though.

(Colin Cameron) #4

Would it be possible to change the location of your DropBox folder to, say, the top level of the C: drive? Then the path on both computers would remain identical.

(Phil J) #5

Sadly its not that simple for me, on my desktop I run all my files off and external drive which is easy for back, the laptop doesnt have as many drives. I dont really want to have to alter this just to have this functioning.
The only possible thing I can think of is to have a standard folder on each for the audio and manually run a script to ensure that all the files that should be there are copied. It would leave files where I dont really want them but would at least work.

(Colin Cameron) #6

I’ve had a wee play about with a batch file and here is what I’ve come up with:

XCOPY C:\Users\colin\Dropbox\Music C:\MusicFiles /D /E "C:\Users\colin\Desktop\Power Music 3.appref-ms"

This will only copy any source files that are newer than the destination files, to save copying them all every time, then launch Power Music, so you can use it instead of your regular short-cut.

Colin C

EDIT: If you are on Windows 7 or Vista, this would be better:

ROBOCOPY C:\Users\colin\Dropbox\Music C:\MusicFiles /MIR "C:\Users\colin\Desktop\Power Music 3.appref-ms"

This will keep the local folder an exact mirror of the Dropbox folder, including deleting any files that aren’t on your Dropbox.

(Phil J) #7

Thanks Colin, i’ll give it a go. I didnt know robocopy was now included in the OS so thats something new ive learnt today!

(Phil J) #8

I’ve just come across this junction tool for windows which may be another solution for this

in theory, on each machine I use I can create a junction pointing to the dropbox shared music folder, then the audio will work on each machine with the dropbox being stored in a different location.

Not had a play yet though!

(Phil J) #9

Just tested and the junction tool works well. Just a short command line on each machine to create a pointer to my audio files on the dropbox.
Saves having two copies of everything!

simple command

junction.exe c:\PM_Audio g:\dropbox\PM_Audio

then tell powermusic the audio is at c:\PM_Audio and its happy, on other machines where dropbox isnt on G you just change the second part of the command to point to the right place.