Bulk loading of songs

Here’s a procedure I have worked out for loading songs in bulk.

After lots of scanning of music books I obtained Kingsway’s Digital Songbook (600 pdf’s of music in Songs of Fellowship and 75 others) to speed things up.

I have Windows Explorer open as well as PM3 to directly access the pdf’s. In Explorer, with the cursor on the pdf file to be loaded into PM3, I use F2 function key to go into file rename then Cntrl C to copy the name to the Windows clipboard.

To avoid picking up the file name extension as well, in Windows Explorer, go to Tools / Folder Options / View and select “Hide extensions for known file types”.

In PM3, once you have located the drive and folder holding the pdf’s, you can paste the file name in to Sheet Music/open pdf filename box.

The file name remains on the clipboard so you can also use it for a song name in the Enter Title box when adding a title.

Once I have created a new song I switch back to Explorer to pick up the next file name but before doing so, drag the file just used to a “Done” subfolder to avoid having to select from a list every time.

Saves a lot of text input!

Forgot - another use of filename on clipboard is to paste it into the “Name for pages” box.

good tips, its a shame there is no quick and easy way got getting a lot of files in.

Ive just started importing some 500 or so JPGs all of which have the song title as their file name, it would have been great to tell PM3 to grab them all and call them by filename, it would have been a simpler job to then go through and clean up.

So what you would want is a bulk import from a folder where you would select the relevant jpg files? Similar to pdf import where you select the pages and the area?

Loading a folder full of individual song pdf’s and using the file names as the song names would be great but for now at least it would be a little quicker if, once the list of pages of a multiple page pdf song comes up, there was a “select all pages” option instead of have to tick them all individually.

With the latest version ( there is a ‘Select all’ and ‘Clear all’ in sheet music pdf import.

There is now a bulk import of pictures in the latest update: