Capo chords

This is a question for everyone, but probably more geared toward bass guitar players.
When you tick the box to display capo chords the program automatically generates chords in the respective capo key for every chord in the song. Where there is a bass note, eg Bb/D and the capo is at the first fret using A chords, then this will appear as Bb/D(A/D#). If there are a lot of chords this can look very messy.

My question is:
Do bass guitar players need to know the bass note in the capo chord? As far as I am aware bass players don’t use or need a capo, so would it be acceptable to omit the bass note and display the chord like this - Bb/D(A)?

This may seem trivial but in a long chord line it could reduce the line length considerably by saving 2 or 3 characters for each chord.

Please discuss…

Absolutely no need to include capo chords, as this information is not relevant to bass players, and could cause confusion for all reading chords. Bass players should know what the main notes (including bass note) for all chords. If they dont, they need to brush up on their theory. Only my thoughts though.

Never use capo chords…

The bass note isn’t just for bass players but is relevant for guitarists as well, so this information is needed. For example a guitarist could choose to add f# if the chord says d/f# or could mute the bottom g for a g/b.
It could be an option if you have no bass player reading your screen to hide the non-capo chords completely.

To hide the ‘non-capo’ chords just use ‘transpose’ and switch the capo chords off.

Thats true, But then you don’t know you need a capo or where to put it. ( especially with my poor memory!)

It could become over-complicated with options all over the place - what about using the notes field to remind you if you transpose?

Our bassman says :“Yes it would be useful for decluttering in some songs.”

There appear to be different opinions and needs here, so probably the best way to go would be for a song-based option to switch capo bass notes on/off? Interested in Phil’s comment about switching off main chords to display only capo chords. This would probably be very useful and worth including in the development plans.