Categories and authors

(Shane Wilkinson) #1

Am trying to catalogue my music using PM4.
As a Piano Bar player/singer, my current thinking and working is as follows:
Library: Piano, Songs, Other Instruments
Category: Artists, Classical, Christmas, Jazz, Movies, Songbooks etc…
Under Performer I was going to list the Artist name.
Under Author I was going to list the Book name.
So, for example, the songs in Elton John’s “Don’t shoot Me” album would be under:
Library: Songs
Category: Artists
Performer: Elton John
Author: Dont Shoot Me
Perhpas there is a better way of sorting?
I also woudl like to be able to list these (and possibly print) and to edit attributes.
Any ideas?


(Phil J) #2

There is no performer field?

You could add the name of the book to the top of each song which would allow you to search for it under lyrics.
Or, you can have songs in more than one category or library, so you could have Elton John and don’t shoot me as categories and be able to filter by either (though not by both)or you could combine your library and category lists
I use the category field for the album and the author field for the author/artist. The library then splits out Christmas etc…

Not sure that was any help at all, sorry!

(Shane Wilkinson) #3

Thanks Phil - you are correct … I have the Artist field as a “performer” field in my head and for some reason I haev also split them into two fields … also in my head.
I will try your last suggestion on my master list and see if I can figure out how to fit them in. Originally I only had a couple of libraries, but I think your idea of combining library and category may work. Cheers, SHANE