Chord display line spacing IOS 9.

(Nigel Steady) #1

Just upgraded to IOS 9 which maybe coincidental but now the Chord display has got double line spacing so the songs no longer fit on the display. I’ll be able to print out the songs from my PC for tomorrow at least!

(Power Music Guru) #2

We submitted a fix to the app last week addressing the iOS 9 problem so it should be available in a few days.

(Donald Dickson) #3

That’s good news - i discovered this ‘bug’ at Service this afternoon. Fortunately I had my Music One system to hand so our band guitarists crowded around the one screen!

(Power Music Guru) #4

The iPad app Power Music version 1.0.5 is now available. This fixes the issue with chord sheet display in iOS 9.
We expect Power Music Reader will be available next week.

(Donald Dickson) #5

Great news, downloaded the update and the full page display is back!
Well done and thanks for the speedy fix.
Best wishes