Converting Musicpad Pro .fh to .pdf format

(Roger Miners) #1

Hi, I am in the process of possibly buying a Music One to replace my MusicPad Pro, however I have over 1400 files in .fh format which were scanned into the Musicpad Manager software and I understand that I
now need to convert them all into .pdf format so that they can be used with the Power Music software onboard the Music One. Is there a quick fix to this i.e. a software converter that will convert .fh to .pdf or will I have to scan everything again???

I have purchased from Cambron the mac version of Power Music, just to get use to the program and how it functions.

Many thanks

(Gordon Cameron) #2

There has been discussion about this before on the forum. See these posts…


Hope this helps.


(Ken Hall) #3

New to PM - not even installed yet - busy converting .fh files to pdf format - more than 3,000!

However I have a question that you may be able to assist me with…
Some of the fh files are actually purchased downloads and these I am unable to access in order to make the conversion.
[The above links don’t take me anywhere!]
When I try to convert them I am asked to log-in with User name/password etc then am told I don’t have authority for this action.
I suspect the main reason is that Freehand no longer exists…
Do you know of any other way to access these downloaded songs that are saved to my MusicPadPro?

The PageFlip Firefly pedal arrived this morning! First Class post seems to work for you!!!

Ken H

(Gordon Cameron) #4

We have changed the forum so the links are broken.
Here’s the correct links:

(Ken Hall) #5

Thanks for your reply ~~~ unfortunately, my FH-Downloaded music remains locked and unaccessible :frowning:)

I Guess I shall re-purchase from an alternative supplier…

Ken :wink: