Copy and paste

Is there a way to copy a few bars and then insert them somewhere later in the song? Love this product. Thanks, Annie

Hi Annie
Yes there is in Power Music Professional.
In the sheet music editor you can edit each page (or import from PDF) and crop the bars you want. Click ‘Add as new page’. The page will be added to the end. Then you can move this new page into the correct position in the song by dragging and dropping.
I hope this helps.

Thank you. That works well for inserting quite a bit. However for small amounts to be inserted, a true insert with copy and paste function would help me quite a bit. For example, I might want to add a short intro to a piece. Being able to insert a few bars and then either copy from other places in the song or entering the notes via annotation would be wonderful. Do you think this could be included as an enhancement to the product at some time? Thank you for such a wonderful product.

You can add a small amount using annotations. The gallery contains bar lines and notes.
Power Music is not notation software but we are working on a utility which allows you to create a page from selections of others. This will be available at a future date.

I hadn’t thought about annotations adding bar lines and then adding the notes. Thank you.

In your 2nd response you mentioned the intent of a utility that allows you to create a page from selections of others. Is that available now?