Couple of Ideas

I bought PM Pro some months ago but didn’t really dive in until recently. Coming from MusicReader it seems to be a much smoother, less buggy suite – but I do miss MusicReader’s feature which can automatically display only half a page, making the noteheads much easier to read. I read elsewhere in these forums that to achieve that in PM Pro you’d have to go page by page, copying and pasting. That’s just not realistic for me.

Couple of ideas: I am presently importing a large number of PDFs. It looks like it will take about an hour. Is there any way to move the import to the background and continue using PM Pro?

Second idea: In tablet mode in vertical orientation the arrow on the bottom right brings across a row of squares with something approximating page numbers. Instead of just numbers is it possible to include thumbnails of the pages in these squares, and maybe make them bigger? I have a few books of old piano anthologies that are hundreds of pages long, and it’s hard to get my bearings as to where the row of squares is in context of the book.


The half page feature may come in to a future version.
An hour seems a long time to import PDFs - there must be a very large number of them? It is not possible to use PM Pro during an import due to all the database changes during this operation.
The squares on the bottom are for page navigation. They are available in full screen whether in tablet mode or not. You can add performance marks to a page using annotations and these are then visible so you can jump to the page by tapping the square.There is a video tutorial on this feature here:

Page Navigation video

We would always advise that you do not add an entire book as one ‘song’, but select the pages you want for each piece. If you have one pdf you can split it using the multiple PDF import from one PDF feature.
Alternatively, if you have already imported it as one song, you can mark each piece in your anthology with a number using ‘Rehearsal marks’. Then when you scroll the page navigation you can see where each piece begins.

I had looked at the rehearsal marks feature and wasn’t sure about it, but I guess it will work for most things. In the case of ragtime anthologies, for instance, I wanted something besides just a letter or number. A title or thumbnail of the cover would be more intuitive, but I guess that’s not the purpose of the rehearsal marks feature.

I guess what I’m looking for is a bookmark feature that saves page locations with intuitive titles – that’s something else I miss from MusicReader.

In my case it’s partly a matter of the PDFs being the way they are, but more to the point is the volume. Going through and chopping up 100+ page anthologies into individual pieces is not a good use of time if a workaround is possible.

The only glitch I see now that I’ve placed the marks is that they do not always appear right away. Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not. When they do not I can close and reopen the piece and they appear.

I may just not be seeing it but there does not appear to be a way to edit a title once it is entered and saved. The only option seems to be to delete and retype it in. A minor annoyance except when I have to retype lengthy titles with special characters.

Automatically displaying half pages, as can be done in MusicReader, would be aces for me. That’s the only thing that kept me using MusicReader. At present I compromise by setting the tablet vertically and showing one page at a time. It’s a Lenovo Horizon 2. With its 27" screen I have to crane my neck at times. Also on account of this I have to stand up to make annotations or to hit the top of the screen to move to the previous piece. Many of my scanned pieces are formatted horizontally – most of K. Sorabji’s scores, for instance – so I have to physically reposition the screen. That might not sound like a big deal but the screen is pretty cumbersome to move around and I live in fear that it will slide off the piano…

Is there any possibility of this coming to pass? Despite its endless bugs and annoyances I have used Music Reader Pro exclusively over PM on account of its half-page feature. I had not touched PM Pro in over a year until tonight. I simply cannot read a lot of my scanned scores on Power Music because the notes are too tiny. I am using a 27" Lenovo Horizon 2 tablet w/Windows 10. Implementation of the ½ page feature as found in Music Reader would be greatly appreciated. I realize there is probably zero possibility of this happening but thanks anyway.

Hi Sorabji
I am sorry this feature has not been added yet, but it is still on the list for future features.
We will keep you updated.
Thank you for your continued interest and feedback.

I guess there’s no chance of the ½ page feature ever coming to pass.

It’s the only reason I have stuck with MusicReader all these years.

Oh well.