D major 7

(Donald Dickson) #1

Simple question.
When editing a chord chart within the iPad app how do I enter D major 7?
The normal annotation I would use is D7M but that is not recognised by the app as a valid chord.

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Donald

The notation in Power Music is to type the variation before the number.

You can enter the chord as Dmaj7.

Power Music Professional also allows DM7, but this is not recognised by the app. This will be added in a future update.

(Donald Dickson) #3

Brilliant - just implemented the annotation Dmaj7 in chord sheet and it looks much neater than D7 (Major!)
Thanks for a really fast response - one of the significant strengths of the Cambron team.

(Colin Cameron) #4

Hi Donald

Just to let you know, the update released last week added the ability to use the “DM7” notation.