Database backup name format

(Ann Mullins) #1

I lost my hard drive on my PC. I was able to retrieve most of the data from that hard drive. I was not using the provided named database. I pointed to another database. I am trying to determine the most current backup copy of that database. I think it might be helpful if I understood the naming convention for the database. For example I found 2 copies named:
Backup30_06_2017 13_11_21 and Backup09_07_2017 07_39_30. Can you explain the meaning of the fields in the name please? Thank you

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi anniep
The terminology is date time (UK format).
For example, Backup30_06_2017 13_11_21:

30_06_2017 means 6th June 2017 and 13_11_21 refers to the time 13:11 (and 21 seconds)

So your most recent backup would be the second one from the 9th July.

I hope that helps.