Database in dropbox

Im just wondering if there would be any issues if I moved my power music DB to my dropbox folder. This would allow me to move between my two machines (desktop and laptop) and be using the same database.

At the moment I have to export and new and altered songs, delete altered songs from the other system then re-import.


I have been doing exactly that for the past year or so.

There should be no problems as long as you do not have Power Music open on both machines at the same time AND once you have closed Power Music on one machine you give it enough time to sync before you open it on the other. This is usually quite quick i.e. the time it takes me to walk downstairs to the other room.

It’s a great idea…do it.

Done it, it works really well. Add, edit songs or create playlists in work, sync laptop at home and im all ready. So much easier than trying to keep track of whats what.

I am curious as to what would happen if I opened it in two places as well, it would be nice if it was read only or gave the option to kick the other connection off.

thanks for the help.