Deleting titles inquiry

(David Rix) #1


I have notice I have some songs listed 3 or 4 times in my song list. I checked and they are different versions of the song but with the same title.

When I go to delete one of the versions I don’t want it says it will delete all copies with the same name.

How can I delete just the one version I highlight please?

Love the program, just used so far for lyric sheets.


(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Oztar
If they are different songs then only the song you have selected will be deleted.
The warning is to let you know that if that song has other titles these will be deleted with the song - it does not mean it will delete other songs with the same title.

So if you have the same title for different songs you can only delete one at a time.

Remember to make regular backups using File - Backup.