Different keys in different playlists

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I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into sorting my library out and creating lead/chord sheets and I’m in the process of building multiple playlists.
Some for piano and some for guitar

Now when I play guitar I like to use a capo and change keys.

Is there an option to create different keys in different playlists without altering the original?
The only way I can see is to duplicate the song and save appropriately. However that would make my ever growing library even longer to navigate.
I understand that you can get (capo) but personally I am not a fan of original and capo key side by side.

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Adam

When you are viewing a song in a playlist and transpose using the toolbar buttons, that transposition is only stored for the current playlist item. You can even have multiple copies of the same song in the same playlist with different keys. See the animation below for a demonstration:

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Thanks Colin

I’m going to reinstall the latest version again because at the moment I can’t do that.
The transposed key changes the original as well. That’s why I have duplicate originals.

Good to know it should do that.

(Colin Cameron) #4

That’s strange - this isn’t a new feature, so it should definitely work. If you still can’t do this after re-installing Power Music then open a support ticket by emailing [email protected] and we’ll try to find out what the problem is.

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Hi Adam

I just wanted to clarify how this works after chatting to the developer - when you transpose a song in a playlist, it will also temporarily change the original song, but this change is not saved.

For example, the song Amazing Grace is in the key of G. If I add it to a playlist and transpose that playlist item to A, then click on the song in the All Songs list again, it will display in A. However, I can then change that back to G without affecting the playlist. Also, if I close Power Music and reopen it, the song will appear in G again in the All Songs list, and your transposition in the playlist will remain.

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I shall try all this tomorrow
Thanks again

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