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(Michael O'Connor) #1

The songs in Spring Harvests’s Digi-Songbook are all defaulted to view Chord sheets. Good for me, maybe not for some others…
The songs in Kevin Mayhew’s Digital Sheet Music System are all defaulted to view Music. Not good for me.
It means that I will have to;
Click the ‘Edit Song’ icon
Click the Chord sheet radio button
Click the ‘Save’ icon
Wait for the update successful notification
Click OK
Wait while it exits Edit Song mode back to the song list.
Two thousand two hundred and seven times!
OK - I don’t need to do them all at once and I can do them as and when I need them.
But can I suggest that in future versions the user is offered a choice at installation to specify their personal preference and the database can be set up with that property set against all the songs in the book.

(Power Music Guru) #2

Yes, this is something we have though about and would like to add - a default display option which could be applied to all songs. This will likely be in the next update.
Meanwhile you don’t need to edit and save the song each time because you can select ‘Chords’ to display on the select screen and it will be saved with a playlist, though not with the original.
We will let you know when this change is available.

(Michael O'Connor) #3

Thanks pmGuru,
The crux of the matter here is the playlist.
Apart from prepared services I don’t use playlists; and for those that I have prepared in advance PowerMusic offers me no real advantage over MS Powerpoint if all I’m going to do is advance from one slide to the next.
For praise and worship I may have some songs in mind to use but I always need to be ready to select any song at will as I feel inspired/prompted to use it; similarly songs I think I might use may never actually get aired during a service.
What I would really like is to able to navigate and search in a digital sheet music system as quickly and as easily as I can leaf through a printed songbook with index.
I think it will only be realistically achievable using touchscreen technology which continually displays a small ‘control area’ outside of the song display area (perhaps offering suggestions based on key, tempo, theme, etc.) where a leader can ‘look ahead’ and have the next song ready in real-time.
The way I work around this when I’m leading alone (as a guitarist needing two hands to play) is to use a looper (JamMan) to record a few bars of ‘incidental music’ and let it loop round while I locate the next sheet I need and introduce the song and why I feel it is appropriate.
Power Music has made a good start, but I’ll consider it a more complete product when I feel able to ‘leaf though it’ digitally.
Best regards

(Power Music Guru) #4

Hi Michael

The obvious advantage of the PM playlist over PowerPoint is the Playlist Sidebar - you can see the playlist at a glance as well as the performance notes for each song, and click on a song further down the playlist to display immediately. you could use this with a touch screen tablet or all-in-one PC.
you can also add songs ‘on the fly’ from the sidebar. This is far quicker than leafing through a book. Currently you can find by title or first line, but we could add other indexing. I think the chords/music choice for an ‘on the fly’ song should also be in the sidebar. This has become more of an issue since the digital songbooks were released because they have default settings which are not necessarily your choice, as you have already discovered :slight_smile:
Is the playlist sidebar not the equivalent of your ‘control area’?

(Michael O'Connor) #5

Thanks pmGuru,
The playlist sidebar may well perform better than I expect it too. I think I need to give it a good run and a fair chance before I comment further.
I appreciate your input.
Best regards

(Power Music Guru) #6

Hi Michael
There is now an option in the Kevin Mayhew system to default all songs to chord sheets (and back to sheet music).
If you are connected to the internet when you run the program you will be prompted to install the update.
I hope this helps?

(Michael O'Connor) #7

Thanks pmGuru,

I’ll check that out…