Disk space

(Berry Greene) #1

I hope this isn’t a repeat question. Can’t find it anywhere so…

It seems to me that all documents (PDFs) that are imported get copied to an internal folder somewhere. I say this because the source can subsequently be removed (memory stick) and yet PM still works OK.

My question is this: Can that library be moved to another disk where space is not at such a premium? If so how? I am operating with limited C:\ drive constraints from a small lap-top where the main store is a miniSD card. It would be better if that library could be on there.

Or is there a choice I have missed in the setting up.

I appreciate suggestions

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Berry
You are correct - Power Music is not a simple PDF viewer, it converts the pages and stores all the information in sub folders and a database in your Documents. In Power Music Professional this location can be changed.
The best way to change the location of your content is this:
[li]Take a backup of your Power Music content by going to File - Backup.[/li]
[li]Put this backup on your SD card.[/li]
[li]Go to File - Database maintenance. Your current location is displayed at the top of this window as ‘Full path of database’.[/li]
[li]Select Change database and browse to the file PM5jubaldb.vdb5 contained in the folder you placed on your SD card.[/li]
Power Music will now use your miniSD card. Please be aware that this could possibly be a bit slower to access than your C drive.
I hope this helps.