Do not copy marker (suggestion)

(Steve Howie) #1

I have a large work that we don’t really use anymore that keeps trying to upload if I select all music not on PMB server. I wish there was a way to mark a piece to be hidden or otherwise not fit the filter criteria when syncing music.

On a related note, is there a way to archive & remove one piece out of the database? If I could remove and re-attach music later, then that would solve the issue of copying to the server.


(Power Music Guru) #2

There is currently a bug in the PM Box interface where selecting all by shift+left mouse button on a filter to upload/download tries to upload/download everything! We have fixed this and will be in the update about to be released.
If you use Ctrl+left mouse button to multi-select you will not have this issue, but it’s a longer process if you have a lot of songs to upload.
To hide a piece in the selection you can deselect it using Ctrl+left mouse button.

You can archive a piece out of the database by exporting it to a PMzip and deleting it from the song list (right-click in the select list). You can then import the PMzip later when required.

(Steve Howie) #3

actually, using ctrl+a while a filter is applied also tries to copy all, I’ve noticed. So far, there is only one piece I don’t want on the box, mainly because it is so big, but envision more that I will want to “blacklist” so they can’t accidentally be copied. I use ctrl+click to deselect…when I remember :slight_smile:

(Power Music Guru) #4

The bug which tried to upload/download everything when all songs were selected in a filter is now fixed in the new release today: