Easier placement of gallery items

I use annotations a lot. I sometimes want to be able to enhance a more basic sheet of music. I may add a run or chord or change the structure of a chord. It’s difficult to get the placement exactly where I want it. I was wondering about being able to place a note close to where I want it and then using the arrows to nudge it closer to where I want it. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ann

That’s a great idea. I will pass it on to the developers.
You can zoom the page so its easier to make an accurate placement.

Thank you. I do zoom in and that helps a lot. The nudge will really help.

Also I was wondering about having partial staff measures available. Sometimes I want to replace just part of the chord. Now I will overlay that area of the measure first and then add the notes. If I had partial staff I could just overlay part of it and not have to place all the notes of the chord.

I do quite a bit of changes to sheet music. I have Finale but I haven’t found a way to import a PDF. Your program is so much easier to use than Finale. With the nudge, I don’t expect to use Finale any more. Your product is fantastic!

Hi Ann
Thanks for the comments.
It is possible to create custom annotations.
Can you explain to me - maybe draw a picture! - explaining what you need and I will look at doing an annotation for you.