Erroneous Characters Showing Up During PDF Importing

(Skipper Smith) #1

I just read a post by Rob Nobel, about import & editing PDF. I also have a question about importing PDF files. Often, when I import a PDF music file & run it through the extractor, I also have to do quite a bit of editing.

After the song is entered into the extractor, I have to do several corrections. These lines, | | | will often show up as a completely different character! Also, if there is a sharp on a note, #, that character will show up as something completely different! Also, when there is a flat sign, (small b) something different will show up.

Also, I will often get numbers showing up, where there should be a letter. Anyway, I wonder if anyone else had this happen.

(Brenda Cameron) #2

It all depends on the original PDF. Most will extract without issues, but sometimes the characters used are not able to be translated by the extractor.
What you can do is search and replace the characters when you return to the editor, after making the easier changes.


This is useful if the # has been consistently shown as something else.

(Skipper Smith) #3

Hey Miss Brenda! Thanks for your reply. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been making corrections right in the extractor, even before I return the files to the editor. Sometimes, it gets to be a pain in the tookahs. But, I’ve been working with it. It’s all good! I’ve been using the Power Music Pro for several months, now. I very much like the program. Pretty neat stuff!