Falcon-8 mini keyboard and Power Music

Hi All,

I have just purchased a usb mini keyboard for use as an immediate vicinity page turner et. al. as I am an organist and I need something lower than a music stand for page turns when I cannot lift my hand to the screen. The pedal pads are too awkward for use above my pedalboard. It is a small programmable 8 key pad hard wired to usb port on NUC computer.
I assume that I need to have Power Music “discover” the device - I haven’t seen anything obvious to pair the devices.

Thank you!

Hi Jeffery
Never seen this before but the Falcon 8 (as far as I can see) will be perfect for page turning in Power Music. It will be plug and play as it is USB - no pairing required. Just use the configuration utility to program the keys with Page Up/Down for page turning and/or Arrow Up/Down for moving up and down a playlist.
Let me know how you get on.