Feature request - update PDF

(Neil Durant) #1

I have a gripe with PM that makes my particular workflow very irritating, and would like to make a feature request.

I use PM and Sibelius; I compose scores with Sibelius, and import PDFs into PM to perform the music. This means I’m often updating the PDFs, but PM doesn’t pick up on this, and continues to use the original PDF in the state it was in when originally imported. So I need to delete all the pages, re-import the PDF, select all the pages, and fiddle with margins etc again. This really breaks any feeling of continuity and creative flow, as you can imagine…

A feature I’d really find useful is either a notification to say the underlying PDF has been updated, and inviting me to replace it at the click of a button, or simply to have an option to do this updating automatically, if the PDF file changes.

However, I’m guessing when you import a PDF, the score is stored in a separate location (and format?), and disconnected from the original PDF. However, I’d really like you to consider this use case, as it would make PM considerably less frustrating and annoying for me, and I imagine anyone else who composes while using PM.


(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Spherical
Thank you for your feedback.
When PDF files are imported to Power Music the pages are extracted and stored as images, so any changes to the original PDF file are not reflected in the Power Music ‘song’.
Power Music is much more than a ‘PDF reader’, giving flexibility to make changes to the paging size and structure.

We can add your ‘PDF reader’ feature request to our suggestion list and consider it as a possible future addition to the software. It is a simpler way of displaying music which has not been requested until now. All user feedback is taken into account so thank you for your comments.

(Neil Durant) #3

Thanks for your prompt response. Indeed - I know my use case is a little different from the norm, for which PM does a great job. I guess in re-importing the PDF any annotations would no longer be guaranteeabily in the right place, so there’s probably no nice complete solution to my particular issue anyway. Perhaps I should be looking to use a PDF reader during composition, then switch to PM when my scores are complete.


(Power Music Guru) #4

Yes, annotations would be an issue. PM is intended for use with the finished score rather than as a composing tool.
As an aside - if you wanted to create the same song in different keys, or different versions, then just add your new PDF as another song with a descriptive title.
You can also use the ‘Duplicate song’ feature to create an exact copy of the song with all the tags pre-populated. You just need to add your title/s and change the pages as required.