Feature requests (wish list)

(Power Music Guru) #1

We are always getting feature request from our customers. We listen carefully to each one and almost all of these requests get added to our TO DO list.
Since we are human, we are restricted by time and resources to implement all feature requests immediately so please be patient as we work our way through them.
Bug fixes always take priority over feature requests and we always do extensive testing before releasing an update. If you are an existing user and would like to be involved in beta testing please let us know by emailing your details to [email protected]

Please feel free to add your requests to this post so that we can keep them in one place for reference.
Thank you!

(Paul Lattanzio) #2

I’ve just purchased Power Music Professional and think that this it is a wonderful program, but to make it even better I would put forth the following suggestions:
(As I said I have just begun using this so if some of these features are already included (I haven’t been able to find them) I apologize in advance)

(a) When printing a Song Sheet (double column WITH CHORDS OR JUST LYRICS) there should be an additional option to have the song lyrics in a continuous flow (column to column) with another option to determine if the song should continue from the bottom of the column on one page to the top of the next column on the subsequent page.

(b) ...should include the ability to adjust the page margins (independent of the other printouts) for these Song Sheet printouts

(c) ...should include the ability to control the font type and its size for these Song Sheet printouts. (The ability to print 3, 4 or even 5 songs on a single page would be fabulous--and save paper)

(d)As a song ministry worship leader it is vital that the song printouts I use with my congregation have all the licensing information on them:CCLI Church Licence info; CCLI numbers for the songs and usage reporting would be great.

Thank you for all your tremendous work!

(Paul Foster) #3

I used Essentials for a while and found it excellent, I have upgraded to Professional, I have also encouraged members of our band to get it.
I have a couple of requests please:-

  1. Improve the “Alphabetic” sorting of songs? O Worship the Lord, comes before, Oh to see the dawn, for instance.
  2. Can we have BOLD text available?
  3. Can we have the facility to change colour of text mid-line? I sometimes like to put notes in lines say “OFF” (to stop playing) or “ON” (to start again), and would like it for instance, in bold red. Using the () is very messy and only seems to work on a full line, it doesn’t work at the end, or middle of a line, and just reverts to black. also the ()s only pop up in the Chord line not the text line.
    That’s all my beefs for now, basically it’s brilliant, just a couple of personal wishes. Thanks.
(Power Music Guru) #4

Thank you Paul (Tribute23), we will take your comments into account for the new version we are working on.

(Power Music Guru) #5

Hi Paul (OldFozzy)
Thank you for your feedback.

  1. The alphabetic sorting is correct - O comes before Oh
  2. Bold text is available - where you select the font there is a checkbox for bold.
  3. You can use annotations to highlight a section. Parentheses () are used in a chord line to allow non-chord text to be added, not to change the colour.

I hope that helps.

(Jonathan Mohn) #6

Would it be possible to get a half-page turn option? It would be great if the top half of the next page in a piece could be brought over the top half of the current page so there is no delay while advancing.

(Jonathan Mohn) #7

It would also be nice to have move control over the pencil darkness and color. Currently I do not find the pencil useful because the color is too light to show up clearly