Font settings

Dear sir or madam,
I am very new to this program and I have to say that it is excellent.
I am going to use this program in Greece and as you can imagine we have a lot Greek songs where the fonts are in ‘Arial, New Times Roman, or Calibri’.
Manly the fonts are ‘Arial’.
I know you have mentioned that you use on purpose the mono type fonts.
However, because I have hundreds of songs already in ‘Arial’ settings i would like to ask you if there is any way that i can avoid to go to each song and change the fonts.

Do you think to add more fonts in the power music, or there is a way where I can change my fonts with out to lose my settings?

Thank you in advance


Hi Neofytos
You do not need to change the fonts in the original - just copy and paste the songs into Power Music and the fonts will automatically be changed. You will probably have to re-align the chords because the spacing will be different but it won’t take long if you do one song at a time as you are using them.

Thank you for your reply!
That is the point i am asking you for a solution.
The songs that i have are hundreds; can you imagine how much time it will get me to do this?
Is any solution there that I can avoid to do the individual aligned?
Thank you

Hi Neofytos
I have moved this topic to the Power Music category rather than technical.
In answer to your question - there is no quicker way. Even in Word if you change the font the chords will move out of alignment. You will have the same problem in all other similar software, but Power Music is the only one which will examine the entire text and work out which lines are chord lines for you.
You do not need to enter all your songs at once. If you just enter them as you use them you will find it does not take too long.
Perhaps in future versions we will build in the ability to align the chords from any source - word, pdf etc.