fontchange column

I am new and on my way trying out the program. It seems great.
My primary use will be making songsheets with lyrics and chords and sometimes a pdf-picture of the music.

I have some needs, which i don’t think is in the program (yet?)

A way to change the fonts globally (lyric and chord) for print.
For me it is important that I read chords in one font/size AND lyric in another font/size. (not only a difference in colour)

B. verse site-by-site
possibility to print songsheets in columns. Result:print verses site-by-site

C. pagesetup
portrait and landscapedirection.

Maybe theese functions is in the program already, and it is just me, who haven’t found it yet?

best wishes from Denmark

Hi Mette
Welcome to the forum!
In answer to your questions, these features are in the program:

In Tools > settings you can change the font for the chord sheets from the selection of monospaced fonts in the list.
To change the font for the lyrics this is done in the Song Editor. Select Edit, go to the Lyrics tab and in there you can do some simple formatting including changing the font. Select the lyrics first and the formatting is done on the selected text.

Verses side-by-side.
For lyrics you can do this from the playlist using ‘Print Songsheet’.
For chords - in the Chord Sheet editor insert a page break using the button. Then change the ‘Pages per screen’ to 2 and that will give you 2 columns.

At the moment the chord sheets will not print side-by-side.

Portrait and landscape.
You will find this is not necessary if you use the page break and pages per screen option above. For sheet music you can scan or import from pdf as landscape but most music is portrait and you can then display 2 or 3 pages at a time to make the most of your screen area. Wide screen monitors are ideal for displaying 3 pages of sheet music side-by-side rather than 1 portrait page.
Alternatively display one page at a time and use a tablet PC.

If you mean for printing then select a landscape area of the page during import and increae the DPI to 200 or more.
Experiment with different settings and layouts and you should be able to do everything you want in Power Music.

Thanks a lot, I give it a try :slight_smile:


about “Font”

Now I have made some tests, but the change on the lyric-sheet will not change lyricfont on the chordsheet.

I need bigger difference in especially the font-size in the print (I print in black/white). Is this possible?

I have made a test, where I copy/pasted to Word, where i can change fonts, but then chords/lyrics do not match.

I cannot print out from the Edit-function. I think this should be possible? (- the icon for print is very clear, not dimmed.)


The lyrics are treated separately. You can change the layout and the font as you want, but this will not change the chord sheet.
The chord sheet cannot be changed the same way. As you have already discovered by pasting into Word, if you change the font the chords and text will no longer line up properly. That is why Power Music uses mon-space fonts, to keep the chords above the correct words.
When you press the print button on the toolbar you are prompted to select a font size - this is where you can make the chord sheet bigger for printing. But be careful that the lines do not wrap if they are too big because then the chords will wrap too.

Print does not function from the edit screen.