Formatting of PDFs

(Will Jenkyns) #1

The PM Mac version seems to have some issues around the formatting of PDFs.
I have noticed two things happening.
Firstly, when importing a pdf, the chords no longer line up, so I have to go through the whole song a re-align them. This is rather tedious.
Secondly, when saving an imported pdf chord sheet, and returning to the main screen, the formatting, has then shrunk into one line a s crooked off the right hand side of the screen.

Some of the pdfs in question are ones that I have obtained from other sources, but I have just tried to import from the Spring Harvest 20123 songbook, and the same thing happens (In times of Waiting) is one example. I thought PDFs are locked and therefore characters shouldn’t move?
I’m running PM Mac v 1.2.3 and Mac OS 10.9

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Will

When importing PDF chord sheets, the chords will not be aligned correctly. This is a known issue, but the problem is with the framework that we use to extract text from a PDF file so it is not something we can fix at this time.

I’m unsure what you mean by the chords being on one line after importing. Can you give an example of a PDF that shows this behaviour? Do you mean the 2012 or 2013 songbook?

(Will Jenkyns) #3

Sorry for the typo. I meant the 2013 SH songbook.

(Colin Cameron) #4


The issue regarding imported chord sheets only displaying on one line has now been fixed in Power Music 1.3, released this afternoon.

(Will Jenkyns) #5

Many thanks for your efforts.
Much appreciated!


(stanselms music) #6

I realise that there are problems with the importing of chord sheets from PDFs but the following is all over the place. Is there any way of knowing in advance whether this is a problem with the PDF file or the difficulties with Power music importing them?
I have attached the original PDF and the raw resulting import as a text file. I’d particularly llike to point out the random placing of # (sharp) symbols.


(stanselms music) #7

Ok wrong file format for the text file so here it is as .txt

(Colin Cameron) #8

Hi Chris

I’ve had a look at the PDF file you’ve attached, and it looks like this is a problem with the way the PDF is formatted. You can see this by clicking and dragging to highlight the text. Notice particularly that the title seems to be half-way through verse 1!

This is down to the way PDF files work. Rather than being set out sequentially, like a word processor document, each word or line is an individual text box with a position on the page. The problem is that these text boxes can be declared in the file in any order, and this is entirely down the the software used to create the PDF.

Power Music Professional and Essentials deal with this problem using a third-party software component that takes the positioning of these text boxes into account when importing, but unfortunately this isn’t available for OS X. We will continue to try to improve the PDF import in Power Music Mac, but at the moment we are limited to the PDF reader tools that are available.

I hope this helps. Sorry we are unable to do anything more at this time.

(stanselms music) #9

Thanks for your help.
An explanation is better than just wondering what’s going on, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
So thanks again.