Full Screen Display

(Paul Moxon) #1

Just assessing PM to see if it could be used for my situation - playing solo instrument with backing tracks for functions.

Couple of queries: The music can be rotated/flipped in the Select Music screen, but reverts back to landscape in full screen. Is there an option to have full screen display in portrait mode?

I can not locate the option to have multiple pages showing in full screen.

Is it possible to store a preset zoom setting with the music so it is then always loaded at the required zoom?



(Gordon Cameron) #2

The number of pages per screen is set in the Edit Song screen. You can have any number of pages side by side. However is you select Tablet Mode it automatically displays one page per screen no matter what you have set.

Have a look at this One minute guide

I don’t know what you mean by rotating. Could you give me more info please.

Zooming is not possible - you select the size of the music when you import it. How are you importing music - PDF or scanner?