Full Screen Too Large

I am using PM Essentials on a Microsoft Surface Pro. When I go to Full Screen in portrait mode the image is too large so the left and right edges are cropped. How can this be resolved?

Are you using Desktop or Tablet mode on your Surface?
We have seen strange issues when using Tablet mode - you should go to Start/Settings/System/Tablet mode and change to only use Desktop mode.
Let me know if this helps.

I went to Settings and changed to Desktop Mode. Same problem - the image is too large and the sides are clipped. Of course I can squeeze the image to make it smaller but it does that in steps and the first step down does not fill the screen. For music it should be as large as possible.

Also, in both Desktop and Tablet Modes the PgUp/PgDn do not work when the Surface is rotated to Portrait Mode.

I posted a followup 3 days ago but have not received a response.

Initially the image is too large and the sides are clipped. After going back and forth from landscape to portrait several times, pressing PgUp and PgDn several times the portrait display shrinks to fit the screen in portrait mode. It seems to have a mind of its own so I cannot repeat the same operations every time to get the proper result.

The PgUp and PgDn did not work in portrait mode but after rotating, pressing keys, etc it finally worked. Again, it was not repeatable.

Any suggestions?