Further problem with App since iS 9.01

(Raymond Rose) #1

Further problems since latest iPad software update.

  1. Power Music app crashes every time My Box is selected.

  2. If the Page Flip Pedal is pressed more than three times in succession, the page turning keeps repeating untill it reaches the end of the Play List.

Any suggestions, Thanks

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Ray

We are aware of the first problem on your list and we have prepared a fix. It is currently in beta testing and will be released as soon as possible.

The second issue has been resolved in the latest release of Power Music. Please make sure you are running version 1.1 of Power Music App, or version 2.3 of Power Music Reader. If you are on the latest version and are still having problems with the pedal then please let us know and we will investigate further.

(Raymond Rose) #3

Hi Colin thanks for the info.

Re pedal, I have just disabled & re-enabled “animated page turning” and this seems to have solved the problem. Will advise again if issue returns. We are useing ver 1.1

Thanks again Ray

(Colin Cameron) #4

Hi Ray

Glad to hear the issue is resolved.

I’ll let you know when the next update is available which will fix My Box crashing.