Gett error messages looking for page


Just used this program yesterday on my Surface Pro 5(Win10x64 1903) and every day before and it was fine but now when I get a set list and try to open a page, I get this error…

Page C;|Users\admin\OneDrive\Documenst\Cambron Software\PowerMusic5\Pics\PM5_pdf_171229_06_42_05.png has failed to display. Check the file exists.

I get it for many songs.

I haven’t done anything to the PC or the program and do not use OneDrive except I keep getting messages it is full.

My songs should be on the tablet not on the OneDrive.

Any suggestion please?


Hi David
Your Power Music files should be on your C: drive Documents folder - I am not sure why they appear to be on OneDrive.
The database and the music files should be in Documents/Cambron Software/PowerMusic5
In Power Music could you go to File/Database Maintenance and tell me what is says for the “Full path of database”.?
I am not familiar with how OneDrive works so here is a link to an article that might help:


Hi David
If you are running out of space on the C: drive of the Surface you need to do a Disk Cleanup and choose to clean up System files (old Microsoft updates and old versions of Windows). That can recover 20+GB of space.

Many thanks Gordon.

I have been ultra busy but will try those suggestions as soon as I get the time.

Bet one of them is right :slight_smile: