Grouping music in sets

(Jim McLaren) #1


I’m currently testing out Powermusic Essentials with a view to buying the Pro version if it suits my needs. So far I like what I’ve seen, but there is one feature that I would like, but cannot find. I play traditional Scottish music and the music is grouped in sets of 2 or 3 tunes. For example you would have 2 or 3 marches for a Gay Gordons. As far as I can see there are 2 ways I can import my music in to the software. The first is to import each tune as a song, and then use playlists to group them in a set. The second is to use each set as a ‘Song’. I can give the song multiple titles, so if the set has 3 tunes, it gets 3 titles. I would then use playlists for each dance (for example you would do a Gay Gordons twice, so I need 2 sets for each dance). What I’m really looking for is another level, so I can import each tune as a song, then group them in sets, and put the sets in a playlist. Is this possible? Thanks.

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Jim
If you add each tune as a different song they can be grouped using Categories or Libraries.
When you select the Catgory in the ‘Index’ tab you can see the collection and add the ones you want to the playlist.
Libraries restricts the main list to help you only select within a library.
The main purpose of playlists is to give you an ordered list to perform through, so for a gig you could add as many songs as you like, including each version of the Gay Gordons. You could use playlists for each dance but you would have a load a new one each time there is a different dance - it is easier to choose from a category or library.
Another alternative available in Power Music Professional is to use Parts. You could create one song then add different melodies as different parts. So the Gay Gordons could have 2 or 3 parts and you could simply select the part you want to play each time. Then you could add all the dances you want to the playlist as one song each, and change the part as required.
There are help videos on these in our help centre, for example:
Using Parts
I hope that helps.

(Jim McLaren) #3

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for this. I’ll need to go and have a play with things for a while I think. From what I’ve seen, and from what you have said it isn’t going to be as straightforward as I had hoped, but I’ll let you know what I come up with :slightly_smiling_face:

(David Abbott) #4

Hi Jim,
I do a similar thing and have simply added some songs that are Set list headings.
I can then add the set list heading as a song to a playlist which might look like:
Song A
Song B
Song A
Song C
Hope this helps, David