Have I missed something

(Paul Stoakes) #1

Dear power music team.
I purchased a number of licences last month for power music pro and have just purchased a page turner.
The way I need to use Power Music is basically as a chord sheet machine over a few monitors in a church setting. As such I need to more or less fill the screens we have with large text so a few people can stand away from them and the text can still be read.
I have followed the tutorial on making the text larger but am having issues.
When I have a song in edit mode the settings option under tools is ghosted out. I can only change the settings (Page turning) when I have no songs in edit mode but this makes no difference. Do I have a software issue (running windows7 pro) and should I uninstall and reinstall the software package.
Kind regards … Paul

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Paul
The settings options apply to all songs, not just the one you are editing. That is why it is greyed out.
The main things that would cause your text to be small are long lines or too many lines on a page.
Please send a sample of one of the songs you have a problem with to [email protected]
Just send the text - copy and paste from the editor.


(Paul Stoakes) #3

Thanks Brenda,
the song I had pasted in and was adding chords to still had some larger sections I hadn’t page break’d.
I have carried on and entered breaks further down and it seems to have done the trick.
Thanks for your assistance, I just need to go and buy some additional monitors and we’ll be away.
Thanks again for your prompt reply

Regards … Paul