How to import word files into PM

(colette durand) #1

i just downloaded PM now how can i import the files i created with microsoft word to PM ?

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Colette
You can copy and paste the text into the Chord Sheet Editor. The only import options for chord sheets are text files or PDF files.
We usually advise that you copy and paste from word into Notepad first, then copy and paste into Power Music since that sometimes gives better results.

(colette durand) #3

thank you Brenda! I was able to copy and paste some of the songs i have in word. Now how do i click and make the text move up and play?

(Brenda Cameron) #4

Hi Colette
After you have saved the song, simply select it in the main screen and press full screen. You can use spacebar or tap the screen or use a page turner pedal to advance the pages. Click the Help menu to see the touch screen tap areas or shortcut keys in full screen mode.
To separate your chord sheet into columns (pages) you need to add page breaks.You may find the following videos helpful: