I don't upgrade to Windows 10

(Laurent Calomne) #1


Windows 7 don’t will doing the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 because my display is not compatible. I’ve a IIYAMA ProLite T2451MTS (MusicOne CV 24" Touch Screen).

Please, help me !

Good night,

(Gordon Cameron) #2

Hi Laurent

It’s not the display that is the problem, it’s the display graphics adapter in the PC - Intel GMA3650. For some reason Intel, who make the display adapter chip GMA3650, are refusing to write a Windows 10 driver for it. This is a known issue. There is a great deal of unhappiness with Intel about this on the internet forums. I have expressed my concerns on the Intel Support Forum but unless Intel change their mind and create the Windows 10 driver there is nothing we can do. Microsoft said when Windows 10 was announced that not all PCs could be upgraded to Windows 10. Sorry about this but it is not in my control!

(Laurent Calomne) #3

Hi Gordon,

Ok ! I understand. it’s very unhappy. Hopefully Intel will change its policy in this driver …

Thanks for your quick response.

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