I was just importing some new songs and playlists to my laptop and had some issues.
While it makes it clear that existing songs will not be overwritten, would it be a possibility in a future version to either allow duplicate songs to be overwritten on a song per song basis (maybe showing created/altered times), or at least give a list of songs that weren’t imported as they already exist so that the user has the option to manually delete them.
Also, would it be possible when importing a playlist to flag up any songs that are missing from the library rather than just pretending all is well while actually some songs have been removed?

I seem to be moving between machines quite a bit to update or add songs and keeping track is proving to be a bit of a headache so every little would help.



We are going to revamp the import/export section so that there are various choices, including importing chords/lyrics only, selecting by category and so on. This should make it easier when transferring new songs.

For complete synchronization using the current version, copy the entire folder:
MyDocuments\Cambron Software\Power Music 3

This is where all the data is stored.