Interaction between PDF and Audeo

(David Rix) #1


Love the way one can have the PDF file (in my situation, lyrics) connected to the audio file, however wondered if it can go a little further.

More than likely it can’t be done as it could be hard to do but still let me run it by you.

Say there is one audio file of 4 or 5 songs segued together and each of those songs has one PDF lyric file.

At the moment when one brings up the first of those PDFs it can link to the audio file which is fine however when the second song is automatically played on that file, you can’t move to the next PDF for the lyrics as the audio file will stop.

My question is, can this be done without having to reinvent the universe…

When the first PDF is brought up, the audio file starts as now, but when the audio file goes to the next song etc., can one can go to the next PDF whilst the audio still plays.

As now, when the audio file ends, then one can move to the next PDF and its audio.

Maybe there is a way to do this now already.



(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi oz
At the moment you cannot do that in full screen mode, because the assumption is that during performance you normally wouldn’t want the previous audio to continue when you start a new song.

However, in the main Select Song screen you can press the Audio button and it opens the media player which will continue to play that audio when you move on to other songs until you close it. This is because this is a ‘working’ screen rather than a performance screen.

If you have a good size screen that may a solution for you?


(David Rix) #3

Many thanks for the reply. I will go and see if that will do it otherwise will separate each song in the MP3 so each PDF has it’s own segment.

Oh, just a sudden thought ! What if the PDF has say 5 pages with 1 song on each, maybe that can be used.

Will go and try that too later today.

BTW Do yo have an Android version? Will go take a look.

Thanks again.


(Brenda Cameron) #4

Yes, all the songs in one ‘song’ will work for your continual audio.
We do not have an Android version.