Internal battery power

(Ray Wylie) #1

As a music teacher and choir director, I’d like to buy MusicOne, but I am hesitating.

Has anyone found a way to run this software on a 15.6" tablet pc [or similar size] with INTERNAL battery power?

I realise that there are plug in power devices, but I need to move easily between classrooms with the programme running, without trailing an additional device.
Nor do I want to use my laptop, since it is the wrong design to sit on a piano or pipe organ music rest.

Advice or comment would be gratefully received.

(Gordon Cameron) #2

There is a battery pack for the MusicOne but it is external! It gives up to 4 hours use on a charge.
You might want to consider a convertable laptop. That is one of the new format devices that have a screen that rotates to turn the laptop into a tablet. However finding one with a 15 inch or greater screen might be a problem - most seem to be 12 inch screens.
Something which looks very interesting is the Sony Tap 20 - see here

(Ray Wylie) #3

Thanks, Gordon.

The Sony Tap 20 does look interesting. Its weight of 6.77kg may be a problem?
At approx. £1,000 it certainly provides a large screen.

I also found the HP ENVY 23- TouchSmart 23" Touchscreen, at approx £749. But it weighs in at 11.4kg!

It seems we can expect many new tablets, some in large sizes, to take advantage of Windows 8 touchscreen feature. I shall continue my research, but you have pointed me in an interesting direction.


(Gordon Cameron) #4

To be honest the Sony Tap 20 is one of the lightest All-in-one PC around! 6kg sounds a lot if you are holding it in your hands but sitting on a keyboard it should be fine.

I had a look at the HP - nice - but no battery I believe!

Like you, I think there is going to be a flood of larger format tablets and all-in-ones in the near future with the launch of Windows 8.

(Ray Wylie) #5

Thanks, Gordon.

I will let you know how things develop.