Ipad Air and Bilipro Pedal

(Stephen Barker) #1

Hi all,

I would just like to pass on my experience and findings on using the Bilipro Page Turner Pedal on my Ipad Air;

As with the Ipad 4 the Ipad Air has the Lightning connecter socket, loathe to spend £25 on a genuine Apple Lightning to USB Adaptor I bought a 3rd party one for a couple of pounds off the Internet. Worked perfectly however after only several weeks I mislaid the adaptor (still hasn’t turned up yet!)

Rather than buy an exact replacement I decided to get a 3rd party camera adaptor which has various card reader slots on it. The card reading function worked very well on the Ipad Air and in the settings it even recognises is as being an Apple product! Not so unfortunately for the Bilipro Pedal, it just doesn’t recognise it at all. I spoke with Cambron about it and they have advised that the genuine Apple Camera Adaptor does work ok with the Bilipro

To summarise then, if you want to connect the Bilipro
pedal to your Ipad Air and you don’t want to shell out on the genuine Apple Product then go for the 3rd party Lightning to USB cable and not the Camera Adaptor.

I have just bought another Lightning to USB cable (same as the one I lost) and is working fine with the Bilipro and Power Music 4.

Hope this might be of help.