iPhone App problem??

(Neil Mathieson) #1

Hi guys

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a problem with the iPhone app.

The songs in chord sheet mode seem to display with double spaces between the lyrics and chords, and then not able to display the whole length of the song. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the problem.

It’s an iPhone6, and I’ve recently upgraded to IOS 9.0.0

I have checked on my iPad, and it works fine on that.


(Neil Mathieson) #2

Attachement didn’t seem to get attached!!

(Neil Mathieson) #3

Trying again

(Colin Cameron) #4

Hi Neil

An issue has appeared with the release of iOS 9 that causes this bug with displaying chord sheets. A fix for the full Power Music app is with Apple for review and a fix for Power Music reader should be ready this week.

(Neil Mathieson) #5

OK - many thanks Colin

(Raymond Rose) #6

Have only just joined the forum looking for an answer to is issue.

We have the same problem with our ipads now that I have downloaded iOS9.0.1.The database is correct but the display is wrong. I await the fix.

Thanks for the help & info.

(Neil Mathieson) #7


I’ve been checking for app updates - haven’t seen any yet. Presume I haven’t missed it??


(Colin Cameron) #8

Hi Neil

The update to Power Music (paid app for iPad only) is still in review and should be ready very soon.

An update Power Music Reader (free iPad/iPhone app) is almost ready for submission to Apple for review. This is taking a little longer, as there are a number of updates that have gone into the main Power Music app which need to be rolled into Power Music Reader.

(Neil Mathieson) #9

Hi Colin

I’ve now noticed that the “Display two pages” in landscape on both free and paid iPad PM Apps doesn’t display two pages. Is this part of the iOS 9 issue??


(Colin Cameron) #10

Hi Neil

I can’t reproduce this issue on our end. Can you email support(at)cambronsoftware.co.uk to open a ticket with steps to reproduce if possible?

(Neil Mathieson) #11

Hi Colin

Not sure what I did (I think to portrait then back to landscape again, and / or reloaded the playlist), but it’s now working fine.

I’ll keep a check on it and e-mail support if it happens again