Latest updates for Kevin Mayhew Worship Edition

(Jim Snowden) #1

I noticed there have been some recent updates ( to Power Music 3 and the forum article mentioned there would be the same update available for the Kevin Mayhew version. Is that available yet? (My copy does not seem to have updated itself since version 1.0.1 of the worship edition).



(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Jim
This latest update and cumulative ones from PM3 are being applied to the Kevin Mayhew version and the Spring Harvest one.
These have not been released yet -it will be another couple of weeks. We are also adding a new feature to these digital songbooks to allow you to change the default view to chords or sheet music for all the included songs.

(Jim Snowden) #3

Super, thanks for the reply.


(Power Music Guru) #4

Hi Jim
The update for the Kevin Mayhew Worship Edition is now available. If you are connected to the internet when you next run the program you will be prompted to install it. Your songs will not be changed but you will have the new features. There will be a newsletter going out soon to announce this.

(Jim Snowden) #5

Yes, thanks. Just tried that and it downloaded the 1.0.2 version and installed it. (did need the original DVD and recopied all the music from that again, but seems to be fine).

(Power Music Guru) #6

Hi Jim
You shouldn’t have needed the original DVD - did it prompt you to insert it?

(Jim Snowden) #7

Yes - it prompted me to enter the original DVD and wouldn’t proceed with the installation until I did. Then after I inserted the DVD it started copying the songs from DVD to the hard drive.

(Power Music Guru) #8

Hi Jim
It shouldn’t have done that - thanks for alerting us to this! This has now been corrected so you will be prompted to download a new update today - v. This will revert the data path to your original one and you should need the DVD for updates.

(Jim Snowden) #9

Yes - was prompted to download the new version and it didn’t ask for the DVD this time.