Launch of MusicOne

(Gordon Cameron) #1

Cambron Software are proud to announce their latest new product the MusicOne.

This is an all-in-one PC preloaded with Power Music 4 and comes with a Page Turner Foot Pedal and Stand. Click here to see the leaflet and here for the full spec. or download the attachments.

We would love to hear your comments on this productt!

The MusicOne will be available from 1st December 2011. Contact the Cambron Sales Office for details 01355 246832 [email protected]

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Now that MusicOne is launched you can see more details and place your order here:

(Gordon Cameron) #3

MusicOne has only been out for a few days and already we have upgraded the spec!
It now comes with 4GB RAM (instead of 2GB) and with a faster processor Atom Dual Core 1.8GHz (instead of 1.66GHz). Both these upgrades make for a better user experience on the MusicOne.
Cambron are also offering a number of options with the MusicOne - carry cases, bigger SSD, wired and wireless keyboards with touchpads.
See the website for details or phone 01355246832.

(Gordon Cameron) #4


New light-weight stand for MusicOne. Some musicians who are in orchestras suggested we supply a lighter stand that would take up less space in a crowded stage. So here it is. See the picture.

(Gordon Cameron) #5

We have just launched a new version of MusicOne with a large touch screen for band leaders, conductors or simply musicians who want a big screen. See the attached document.