Libraries on PM IPAD

Hi all. after years of using PM professional on my HP split x2 laptop I have got an IPAD Pro 12.9 and successfully transferred all my 1100 songs onto the pad. Please can I ask?
Am I correct in assuming I can no longer have Libraries of songs now?
I am Christian Worship leader and have half Secular Half Gospel on my songs list.
Do I have to make 2 playlists now to separate them?
thanks Gary

Hi Gary

To the best of my knowledge that’s correct. I use a PMMac on my MacBook Pro (as well as an iPad) and there’s no libraries on the PMMac version either.

Wishing they’d upgrade the PMMac version with all the functionality of the PMPro for Windows!!


thanks Neil, yeah I must admit its smoother on Ipad and I like it, I seem to be able to look up songs quicker but the loss of libraries and being able to section off the types of music is restrictive, I am tempted to look at Forscore but I dont think the PM files are transferable to that???

Don’t know anything about forScore - but looking on the web it seems to be for sheet music?? I mainly use chord sheets, but may want to start looking towards using sheet music as we have a new pianist and clarinet player in our worship band who use sheet music. Know any packages that transpose sheet music??

Not off the top of my head but I am pretty sure Ive seen a couple that DO transpose dots. instantly transpose songs when you order a song and change key before download so the technology is there.

Libraries are not implemented (yet) in the App.
This is a feature we will be adding in future versions.
Using different playlists is one solution you could use.
You could also use Categories - Secular and Gospel.
Then search for the required Category to see the relevant songs

Hi Gary

Not your question, but for your (or any one else’s) info. I’ve found out that CCLI have an option for an annual subscription that you can choose any song in their catalogue (which I’m guessing is most worship songs), and get it in lyrics, chord sheet, lead sheet and vocal sheet options, choose what key you want it in, and then download it in .pdf.

Gordon any plans to link up with CCLI for them to provide PM compatible files that can be uploaded into PM (either chord sheets, or music .pdfs or both???

Hi Neil, actually I’ve just remembered my church Leyland Pentecostal where I haven’t been for quite a while due to work, they gave me a log in to their clients account. I have printed off many songs from there it is good. Now I have an iPad I will go take a look. Thx for reminding me,