Lightweight portable tablet pc wanted

(Ray Wylie) #1

Hi - I’ve been looking for a lightweight portable tablet pc to use with Power Music in my work as a travelling music teacher and church organist.
I need an A4 size screen, so iPads are too small. Also, I need battery power so that I can readily move locations while running the software.
The Sony Vaio Tap 20 would be of interest if it were not so heavy. But lightweight units tend to have screens less than A4 size. Ideally, I’d like to be able to place the unit on an organ / piano music rest, because tripod stands don’t suit my playing style.
Has anyone come across a suitable pc for such situations?

(Gordon Cameron) #2

Hi Ray7
You are not the only one looking for the “ideal” tablet to use as a digital music display! Here at Cambron we have a number of slate tablets and convertible laptops for demonstrating Power Music. The biggest slate style tablet we have come across is a Viewsonic 11.6inch tablet. There is actually an amazing bargain to be had from a company called Research Machines - - who mainly supply school IT but they are selling this tablet as their RM Slate 100 at £200 ex VAT which is an incredible bargain!! See here
As for convertible laptops or ultrabooks they all seem to have quite small screens but have a decent battery life! Dell, Acer, Leanovo and Sony do nice ones. Google “convertible laptop” to see them.
Our MusicOne with a 15.6 inch screen is a good size but requires an external battery if you want to use it away from mains.
Good luck in your search - let me know how you get on.

(Ray Wylie) #3

Hi Gordon:
Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I have ordered the RM Slate 100, with case and wireless keyboard.
I estimate that the screen will display about 93% A4. Hopefully that will suit my needs.
I’ll let you know after I’ve given it a road test…

Grateful for your advice,